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Your Idea in One Breath

I had a great talk with a woman I met at the Renovare Covenant Retreat. I remember being excited about what she was doing, but I found myself at a loss trying to explain it to a friend when I got home. I had a lot of ideas, but I couldn't spit it out in one clean phrase... one breath.

My first attempt was something like this:

"Well, her name is Kat and she does yoga... well... something like yoga, but not... but it also involves spiritual formation. And she teaches. What she does is about the body and spirit working together to honor God and... well... it is like exercise."

I realized what a mess I was making of it.

I talked to Kat later and asked her for what she does again. She said "Scripture with meditation and movement." (She probably said that to be before, but I somehow lost it).

We need to have a clear phrase or sentence that lets people know our passion. This not only communicates from us to another person easily, it also that lets other people communicate our mission or ideas quickly.

Who are you? I know there is a lot, but can you get me going in the right direction in one breath?

(Kat's ministry is great, by the way. Check her out at )