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People trust people

I have been watching a social dynamic online in a non-profit organization. A large, passionate community of people have been upset by the behavior of the leadership of the organization. They are discussing their disappointment. They want to be heard. Some are angry. Some are confused. It is really a mess. But even in the mess, the community was still in. They are still for the organization. They still believe and want things made right. But they needed relationship and dialogue. They wanted their hearts heard and to be treated as people. The response from the organization? A publicly posted corporate statement addressing their concerns. The results were predictable. When people are crying out for relationship and you give them what feels like a form letter, they cry out louder. Fortunately, the leadership heard their cries and posted again a few days later. This time more personally. One of the leaders posted using his own first name, dropping his title, and apologized for the corporate response. He admitted that he didn't know how to fix things, that he might make things worse, but he was willing to listen and try. The openness calmed everyone down. It may not be all that will be needed, but it was certainly the first step to what people were asking for: relationship. He just needed to be a real person. It seems that with all the corporate campaigns and talking heads, trust is hard to come by, but that doesn't have to be the case. People want to trust... they are still willing to trust... they will give that trust to real people.