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Bryan T Owens

Bryan Owens

I have a long history in both of exploring the depths of social interaction and in using technology as tools to help people gather together.

In college at Virginia Tech, I studied engineering for three years and did very well, but my passions were for the lives of the students I lived with and grew close to through Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. So I switched to a Psychology degree the last year to pursue community growth and development. I went from college into total technology darkness. I lived in the Appalachian mountains for a year helping trouble teens form honest healing communities. We lived without electricity and built our own cabins. I learned there, without technology, how people interact and come together in groups. I was trained there to work with unique personalities, but guide them into healthy community.

In 1996, I came to Colorado Springs to continue building genuine community by working for various non-profit organizations. I increasingly took technical roles that allowed me to develop and leverage new technologies to do this. Finally, in my seven years at Ransomed Heart Ministries, I pulled together their online presence by bringing my understanding of genuine community together with the years of technical knowledge to create a place for deep, true, community online.

Using for technology, marketing, and community, I now take my knowledge, experience, and passion to other great, passionate organizations out there to help them create communities that reflect their values.