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Harder and Harder to Keep a Secret

All sorts of private communication has been leaked out again… this time between governments.  The holes in even government controlled secrets are now getting too big to plug.

What used to be private is quickly becoming public whether we like it or not.  Those of us who grew up expecting some things to remain private are still squirming in our seats with the newly transparent world we have found ourselves in.

We have to ask a question… and the question is not about how to keep things private.  Anybody can now say anything and the entire world can hear.  We are not going to be able to go back on that.

The question is “What do we do in a world where nothing will be private?”  After we get over whether we like that or not, we will be left with a newly transparent world.  What will that look like? 

More honesty?  More love?  More hatred?  More factions?  Revolutions?  More respect for integrity?