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Facebook and Twitter lack story

I keep running into a limit with Facebook and Twitter.  The way of interacting there is too short to tell a story well.

Without story, it is hard to understand larger concepts or the deep movements in our own journeys.  I am beginning to see Facebook and Twitter as frames in a movie.  A lot can be learned from a frame, but not the whole plot.

Are the snapshots helpful?  I think so.  I don't think we need to throw up our hands and abandon this form of relationship.  Having those snapshots certainly enriches the deeper stories when I do hear them.

So what do we do about the lack of story?  While the tried and true “face to face” meeting is certainly one way to get the whole story, I don't think it is the only way.  There are tools out there that do allow for more story.  Blogs like Caring Bridge allow us to follow the stories of friends and family members fighting for their lives.  Communities like Band of Brothers allow for people to talk in more depth and see each other's story.

What other social media tools do more than give snapshots (other than blogs and communities)?  Do you agree that stories are not well told on Twitter and Facebook?