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Relational Architecture -7- Action

As we construct an online presence, the last part of relational Architecture is Action.

If we are have a clear identity, are listening, speaking appropriately, dialoguing, making room for community, and letting people belong or associate with us, then we can lead them… we can call them to Action.7 -Action

What needs to be done?  Is it asking people to read and discuss something to help them grow spiritually?  Is it prompting them to share what they have learned in their communities and churches?  It it time to tackle poverty?  Maybe it is just time to invite more into the party.

Whatever it is, as we are building our online presence, we need to tell our people what we would like them to do and give them the tools to do it.

And even while we need to direct them, also know that when the other pieces are on place, the community will act on its own.  They will organize and create and invest.  If you have laid a foundation for social media action to occur, it will.

I have tons of examples… raising money to fly members in from overseas, creating retreats and gatherings and camping trips, providing a place for someone who needed a home, even a few weddings.

What have you seen?