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The Social Network movie - surprisingly good

I went to see The Social Network.

I kinda figured I had to.  I mean… it is about Facebook so I needed to see it.  But I figured it was going to be mostly a story about people fighting over a company… not exactly an exciting to me.

I was really impressed.Socialnetwork

As a movie, it moved well, had great character development, and was really engaging.  I actually cared about Mark and his friends.  I got caught up in their adventure and got immersed in a great story.  It didn't feel like a social media or business movie.  It was just a great movie, period.

[Mark Zuckerberg didn't like it at all, but it was still a great movie]

But somewhere in the story, it also made it clear why social media is moving so strongly.  It did so with story and without teaching.  Messages delivered with story are so much stronger.

If you saw it, tell me what you thought.  Tell me what you learned about social media.