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Can a Revolution Start though Twitter? Malcolm Gladwell doesn't think so.

Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant author and writer.  He posted this article recently arguing that real revolutionary change doesn't happen through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

His basic argument is that social networks facilitate soft or casual connections, but don't have the depth and leadership to create real change.Gladwell

I disagree.  Not just in theory, but in what I have witnessed.

What I have seen is that the massive network of acquaintances and the ability to find those with like mind give birth to the depth and leadership that is needed in the right places.

I have watched deep, true relationship rise out of online community.  I have watched as those casual connections become best friends and marriages.  I have seen key friendships build that become new non-profits helping the world.

Will a status update to 1000 Facebook friends change the world through just those 1000 friends?  Probably not, but the key friendships will rise and spread and make a difference.