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Relational Architecture -5- Community

Community is the relational architecture element I am most passionate about.

In the past 50 years, we have become an increasingly isolated society. We hardly know our neighbors. We strive for financial independence. We have insurance to make sure we don't need each other in emergencies. We are going to church less and less. The expectation and pressure is to be fully independent and for the most part, we are.... and we are starving.

5 - CommunityWe are starving for each other, but our generation cannot figure out how be community again.

This new era of social media is allowing us to connect again. Through the internet, stay at home moms blog and talk with each other. There are groups connecting on living with someone with BPD. I found a group of people who want to learn and share about making bread. There are communties happening again. It is water in a dry land.

If you are an organization with a mission, you need to make a place for your people to talk. Just let them gather and talk... not just to you, but to each other. Hungry people will start contributing. Amazing things will happen.

What communities have you found online that are doing community well? Who is hosting them? Do you trust them?