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Relational Architecture -4- Dialogue

When we both speak and listen, it is dialogue.

I know that sounds simple, but on large scales we have forgotten how to do that. We need to be reminded as we architect our online presence that we need talk with people.4- Dialogue

Interacting with a machine ("Say or press one") is not dialogue. Interacting with a person trained to be a machine isn't dialogue. ("Thank you for calling <insert name>"). These simulated forms of dialogue, while seaming to be interaction back and forth, miss the point... relationship.

[I have a friend who says the F word any time he gets to a voice recognition system on a phone. Turns out many of them are programmed to get you to a person if you cuss at them.]

Dialogue is where we listen to and respond personally to the people in front of us.

This blog is just about me speaking... until you post on it. Then we get a dialogue.

Twitter can be a listening tool to find out what people are talking about. But when we respond to someone on Twitter, we have dialogue.

Facebook is a good one to think though... It is really a bad speaking tool. People will ignore your organization's Facebook page if you just post ads. (Even thought they liked you in the first place). You will find a Facebook page much more effective if you understand that it is more a dialogue tool than a speaking tool. Ask them what they want you to do and listen.

Does dialogue take up too much time? Not really. It seems people are afraid of that (that is why we build machines to simulate dialogue). But with today's tools, it really is a manageable task and necessary if we are going to have real social media.