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Giving birth to the CRO

In the 80's there were not many Chief Information Officers (CIO's). Instead, there were accounting departments. Accounting departments were the computer departments because computers were mostly number crunching accounting tools. It took a while before we realized that computers and networks had outgrown accounting and needed their own management team. Slowly, we unentangled the two and now we have computer departments separate from accounting.

Social media is bringing about a similar change. Our social media is currently attached to our web or computer departments. (Some organizations are putting it under marketing.) But what it really needs is to break off and become its own thing like IT did in the 80's.

Managing relationships is not simply an extension of the website. It isn't just a marketing tool. It is a new force that is permeating every aspect of business.... Human Resources, Customer Service, Public Relations, Employee Relations. And not only that, it is viable on its own as a whole new thing... Community around your ideas.

Instead of shoving relationship under a department, I think a day is soon coming where we have a CRO (Chief Relational Officer) who oversees and manages our presence across the organization. Are you still letting a computer tech, web designer, or marketing manager control your entire relational presence? Does your organization need a CRO?