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Relational Architecture -3- Speaking

Once we are listening to the conversation going on, we can speak.

The rule of speaking in social media is to speak to those you have a relationship with and who want to hear you.

In contrast, the mass market plan was to talk at as many people as possible and hope that someone hears what we are saying.3- Speaking It didn't matter if they wanted to hear from us, if we could speak and force them to listen. If we could interrupt 100,000 people to make 100 sales, then that was okay.

Spam works like this: Send and email to 100,000, hoping 10,000 open it, so that 1,000 click on your link, so that you make 100 sales. The problem with this funnel model is that you annoyed 99,900 people. It is costly in terms of good relationships and respect.

We are increasingly being seen simply as rude for using that type of tactic. We lose trust and reputation. It is like sending a "Get Well Soon" card to everyone you know hoping to be an encouragement to any friend who happens to be sick. Even the right people wonder about our character.

The social media model is to do the funnel work first and then speak only to the 100 who want to buy (or perhaps the 1000 who are genuinely interested). You do through relationship... by listening first, then speaking to those who want to hear you.

So, practically, you can blog or podcast. Let those that are interested in your words tell others until you have an audience of people who actually want to hear you. You can build a community online around a topic or interest, and then you can speak to them about what their interest is. Or you can find a group that already exists online and engage with them. All these things do take time.

Try to filter first, then speak.