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No really... it is about relationship

I have been struck over and over again this week that social media is really just personal relationship.

Okay, yeah... new tools that make relationship move faster, but it is still basically relationship.

The problem some corporations are having is that they have forgotten how to relate to people. I know... it has been a long time since simply relating to people genuinely had any place in business in America. But I really think it is returning. The corporations who realize this will be successful.

If we treat social media as simply the newest marketing tool, it won't work. If we implement the basics of one on one communication we (hopefully) learned when we grew up, we will get a lot further in business.

Listen more than you speak.

Respect the people you are talking to.

Remember it isn't all about you.

That is why am am in this field. I am looking forward to seeing business (and organizations... and churches) start treating each other like real people again. While I don't think that corporate statements and image campaigns are over just yet, I think that the way the internet is allowing us to talk to each other (even with its limitations) is bringing us back to a more genuine place.