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Relational Architecture - Intro

I am starting a series of blogs that explain what I mean by online "Relational Architecture".

Today, I want to talk about why we need to take a fresh look at the way organizations and people relate to each other. Why do we need to newly architect our relationships anyways?

There is a deep sociological change that is happening and we don't know what to do with it. We can sense that the rules of engagement for companies, organizations, and people are moving on us, but we don't understand exactly what these changes are or what they mean.

This certainly isn't the first time in history that the rules changed. During the industrial revolution, we had a similar problem. Weavers, blacksmiths, farmers... they all watched as the big factories were built. What many missed was that these factories were about to change the whole structure of society.

Mass production didn't just make more things and make them faster. It changed the way we all interacted. We began to work at a different place than our home. We took jobs as line workers instead of craftsmen. The role of women changed. We came under the care of companies, rather than worked out our self sufficiency. Modern cities and transportation networks were born. Old models of living and doing business changed. New models took over. Some people understood this change and worked with it. Some people resisited it and were crushed.

We are now experiencing a similar change... a social communication revolution. The "factories" we see on the horizon are Facebook, Twitter, blogging... conversing with people across the globe as one giant community. Just as many underestimated those industrial factories and how they were changing all the rules, so also are people underestimating the changes in the world through social media.

We need to understand what is going on. For the next seven weeks, I am going to explain. I am going to talk about the core components of online relational architecture. I want to lay out a foundation explaining the changes that are going on so that we can make wise decisions on engaging in this new era.