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Pandora and Customer Service

Corporations seem to have a hard time interacting genuinely with people. A friend sent me his this interaction when sending feedback to Pandora. He started with:

This is more of a comment really. I'm getting really annoyed by the endless barrage of Geico advertisements. I understand the use of ads and usually don't mind them enough to pay for Pandora One. But the same ads over and over and over have got me choosing Slacker and Grooveshark to avoid the caveman and gecko. Maybe this is by design, maybe it's a flaw...I just wanted you to know that these ads are barely tolerable the first time and fingernails on the chalkboard irritating every time after that. I'll pay more for car insurance just to make Geico go away! Please send me a variety of advertisements that don't make me want to rip the sound card out of my laptop and smash it into a million pieces.

So, his tone was humorous, a bit sharp, but still engaging. He needed to be heard or at least acknowledged. Pandora's response...?

Thanks for writing and for the feedback on our ads. There's a natural tension between valuable ad space and the listening experience. Our objective is to do our best to balance these. It's something that we'll be working at for a long time to come.

You are always welcome to upgrade to Pandora One at a very modest $36/year to cut out the advertising altogether. You can find this option in the upper right hand corner of the main page. You can find out more about Pandora One here:

We work very hard to deliver the best music discovery experience and hope you will continue to listen and enjoy Pandora.

Thanks again for writing!

It is like they didn't even read his feedback. They offered a "solution" that he specifically said he didn't want, but more importantly, they missed his tone. They offered a prototype response when my friend was offering a chance at a genuine human interaction.