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Circles of Integrity - Thinking smaller to change the world

The impact of our lives begins with our heart and works outward into the world from there. The steps in between are a critical foundation if we are to have a real impact in the world.

We begin with a good heart. The smallest seed in the core of who we are. This grows and manifests itself in our internal life... our thoughts, will, and emotions.

When we are internally strong, we begin to change our speech and our actions. Our actions have a small splash at first, mostly with our family and friends. But as this foundation is built, we have a platform for reaching our community... and then the largest circle... our world.

The problem we run into is that we want to change the world more than we want to change ourselves. We get so focused on the bigger circles that we forget that it is all built upon the simple things... our thoughts and speech and how we treat our friends.

If you are not making the impact you want in your community perhaps you need to work on the smaller circles instead of trying to make a bigger impact. I find that I have to continually go back to those small circles and invest there. This is integrity... to have all the circles strong and consistent. It is a foundation that lends weight to our lives.