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I spent a few years learning to make bread. Not with one of those automated bread makers.... I learned to make bread for real... by touch... with no measuring except my hands. I wanted to know bread.

I found that to really work with bread, you have to submit to the life in it. The yeast in it actually makes it a living thing. It demands its own way, it adds its own character, but it also listens and moves as you work with it.

Social media works in the same way. Years of practice and a lot of skill still don't make social development scientifically predictable. You have to approach it with a gentle give and take. Real people make these online communities, blogs, passions, and ideas thrive. Working with communities of people give us a chance to grow, even as we change the world.

I love the skillful, but respectful work of growing living things. I would love to help you to engage, gather, and grow your community through social media... to craft your artisan bread.

Remind me to tell you about bread and beer.