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Starting a Blog... the very basics

I have a friend named Fletcher Browne (I always thought he had a cool name) that asked me about starting a blog. He had a lot of ideas that he ran by me, but I encouraged him to start simple... just get in there and do it. I wanted to encourage him (and you) to just start a blog with the least hassle. So if you are thinking about starting your own blog, here are the very very basics to just getting started.

1) Have a passion. You are not going to just write about anything. Pick a subject or passion that is yours... a world you could introduce me to. Don't just write about your day. Blogs as personal journals don't work well. Fletch has thoughts on economics that are stirring. My friend Michael started a blog that could have been a just a personal journal, but he gave it a travel theme. I look forward to reading about his travels in a way that I wouldn't have if it was just random thoughts on everything.

2) Start free. There are service you can pay for, but don't. Wordpress is a great place to start. There are other free blogs. Pick something that you can customize later.

3) Pick a standard theme. Yes... you want it to look great, but again... later. Spend time on the look later down the line after you have some content. For example, my wife's blog at has been customized beautifully by Aaron at

4) Start blogging. Blog as you are inspired. If it is three posts right away, go ahead and do three posts. You may have to add more structure later, but if it is your passion, you can probably get a few posted up right away.

5) Wait to announce it. I have seen quite a few blogs only make it to 3-4 entries before dieing. Blog around 10 times before announcing it. Find out for yourself if you really are going to do this before inviting us in.

I would love it if my friends would do this. There is so much we can learn from each other's passions. If you post a blog, comment here and let me know.