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Over the Rhine

Let me tell you about Over the Rhine.

Over the Rhine is my favorite band. I eagerly otrwait for each album that they produce. I am on their mailing list. I pre-order when I know an album is coming out.

So a few months ago, I received a request from them. They want to self-produce their next album. They want to control their own artistic direction without anyone in between us and them. To do this, they asked for their fans to pre-order and pay for the album before they even started it.

They offered tiers. The simplest was a preorder. For a bit more, they would send a signed copy when it was done. For more than that, a "thank you" and your name in the album. And more from there... including a private concert for some ridiculous amount (that I wish I could have come up with).

I and most of my friends that are fans signed up. They received more than enough to produce the album the way they wanted... and they way we want to hear it.

I can't wait to hear it. I love that I could help and I feel the excitement of having made it happen.